Corporate Cartoon Package

Special offer !!!

From Neil Kerber, leading UK national newspaper cartoonist here in London, with Private Eye, Daily Mirror, GQ magazine & others.


Cartoons are a fantastic way to promote a business & get a message across.


Cartoons sit amazingly well on social media, websites, and also in presentations, workshops, events, marketing…that’s why I’m getting asked more and more to create cartoons for brands and marketing…


We’re living in a very visual world.

Nobody wants to read pages of blurb anymore.

Information needs to be instant, likeable, easy-to-understand, …and eye-catching on a small screen…


click on pic…

My clients are putting these cartoons on social media and building up their own cartoon audience…



The Corporate Cartoon Package:


My price for one cartoon is normally £250


…but if you purchase the Corporate Cartoon Package you will get 10 cartoons for £890

…that’s just £89 per cartoon !!!


  • Bespoke rough sketches to choose final cartoons  from.

  • High res digital images…plus I’ll also send you signed prints for your office/foyer.

  • Yours to use as many times as you wish.

  • The cartoons can be created all in one go, or spread weekly, fortnightly, monthly, …or whenever you need !

  • *Please note: This Special offer is only valid when package paid as one invoice upfront.

Tell the world about your news, your products, your awards,…or use cartoons to explain the things that you really want everyone to know about !!!

Or simply use cartoons to thank your clients!

Use humour to get your message across…

Push yourself…



Be honest…


I’d love to hear from you to discuss what I can do for you to promote your brand/company in an eye-catching, fun, unique and special way.



-Private Eye magazine-


See Kerber cartoons for Brands here:


Warmest regards,

Neil Kerber



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