We live in a very visual world.

Nobody wants to read pages of blurb anymore.

Information needs to be instant, likeable, easy-to-understand, …and readable on a small screen.



From global corporations to small businesses, Kerber cartoons are an amazing way to get your important messages across…

…explaining what you do and why you are better than the rest,…in a simple, fun, memorable way. 


The corporate cartoon package (scroll down for price list) offers you a series of bespoke cartoons that can be used absolutely anywhere…from your website to social media pages, to promotions, advertising, PR, marketing, presentations, workshops, in-house training…….the uses are infinite!




“Hi Neil, Just wanted to let you know that our client at Adobe really liked these sketches – have to tell you that she wasn’t convinced by the idea when we suggested it initially but actually had a change of heart after seeing these!”

Jessica Ballinger, 
Senior Account Executive, The Red Consultancy


Cartoons are a fantastic way to update clients with your latest news, exciting new launches, client wins, record profits, awards, promotions and expansions.

Let the world know the amazing things your business is doing, …while leaving people with a smile on their faces.

That alone is worth millions!



And if you are going to use cartoons, then why not hire the warm funny style of Kerber, whose doodles are recognisable after years of being published in national newspapers (winning 3 major press awards!), including his long-running and popular ‘SUPERMODELS’ cartoon strip which appears in every issue of the incredibly prestigious satirical UK institution, Private Eye magazine.

It doesn’t matter how serious your message is.

Recent clients include a huge European bank, a leading media lawyer, an angel investor, global accountants, ……..and a small cheese company

Cheese Hub





Prices include all ‘thinking’ time, research, meetings/phone chats, and the drawing of all rough ideas through to finished cartoons. Can be single-frame cartoons and/or strips.

Prices include copyright and ownership of the cartoon to you, with no extra charge for multiple uses (unless being used for sale on licensed products). Cartoons can be used on all platforms, and a high quality jpeg or PDF will be provided.

Prices also include us Tweeting about the collaboration, and plugging your brand to our Twitter followers, currently approx 15k, including many influential and important people and companies.

Cartoon package may spread over a long period, so agreements signed and full package payments upfront, thank you!


1 cartoon. £375

5 cartoons. £1375. (£275 per cartoon)

10 cartoons. £2000. (£200 per cartoon)

12 cartoons. (1 per month, or however you’d prefer). £2220 (£185 per cartoon)

20 cartoons. £3000 (£150 per cartoon)



email: neil@neilkerber.com

tel: (+44) 07495 618 390 (UK)





Polly is my kind of gal. Funny, creative, passionate, obsessive and definitely a bit naughty. You have to love her.

It doesn’t matter how amazing the dress may be, she’s always the star.”

– Donna Karan-

(on Kerber’s cartoon supermodel Polly Bean)




‘Neil epitomises that very rare breed of Left and Right minded thinking.

Hugely creative and aligned with the Zeitgeist, yet totally reliable, professional and organised.

I have huge respect for the Man and his work.’

Paul Ugo, Chairman, Ugo Foods Group




“Neil has been creating cartoons for us for many years

and in doing so delivers humour to match a chosen theme or topical artistic and comedic flair.

Our professional communications to our clients and contacts is a key part of our business

and Neil Kerber helps us in our differentiation through the electronic media

of our newsletters and greeting cards.”

Daniel Garcia, Managing Partner, Adler Shine LLP




“Neil, thank you for spending the time on this, we’re all very excited about working with you!”

Aneela Rose PR








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