We live in a very visual world.

Nobody wants to read pages of blurb anymore.

Information needs to be instant, likeable, easy-to-understand, …and readable on a small screen.


There’s too much information clogging everyone’s heads, so sometimes you need an exciting fun way of recording presentations, brainstorms, team-building, training, motivation,…getting your message across in a simple fun understandable way, documenting all the key points in an easy-to-read format…



it’s fun, therapeutic, and you get to learn a wonderful new talent.


Life is short, let’s make it as colourful and rich as we can.



A fantastic course, emailed to you in 6 weekly lessons, from Kerber, one of the UK’s leading national newspaper cartoonists, also working closely with brands, PR, marketing and corporate training.



When it comes to getting your message across,

a picture really does paint…

Now while I don’t claim to turn you into a great cartoonist, you can certainly learn some basic skills and techniques from me, and gain the confidence required to create your own fantastic and informative doodles.



“After a particularly challenging year of restructures, redundancies and efficiencies as was expected my team  supported the mass and did  what was required to make others feel ok,  putting their own needs to the back of the queue. It was because of this and the fact that I am immensely proud of the team going the extra mile so many times it’s the norm that I wanted to find some way of providing an outlet for the team to get involved in a joint creative activity.

I decided to buy Neil’s cartooning course for the team as I was already a fan of Neil’s, he is a master of translating his observations of modern life into funny cartoons. I can’t deny that all of us started completely out of our comfort zone but I have to say it’s by far the best team development we have done. I say that because we have laughed so much so that sometimes it’s reduced us to tears, we have now introduced cartooning and drawing into a number of the courses we run and find it to be a gift that keeps on giving, we cartoon on a notice board in the office and it‘s become a conversation starter for other teams also we recently captured learning and evaluation of a leadership course through a live graffiti wall. I’d also recommend it for mindfulness practice, remember colouring as a kid and time passing by in a flash?”

Paula Whylie

Head of People Development, Strategy and Partnerships




Learn some fun, easy-to-absorb team-building techniques…


develop new exciting ways to solve problems…

Learn to use cartoons in infographics and flowcharts…

PLUS ALONGSIDE ALL THE CORPORATE/TEAM-BUILDING STUFF, YOU WILL ALSO LEARN SOME BASIC CARTOONING TECHNIQUES,…such as drawing people, animals, moods, expressions and feelings, scenery, buildings etc…

About me:

I am a 3 times award-winning cartoonist, well known for my cartoons in the national press, my work appearing regularly in such well-known publications as Private Eye magazine, Daily Mirror, GQ, Vogue, and many others.


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The originals of my cartoons have sold to such names as Steven Spielberg, Nicole Kidman, Charles Saatchi and others.


I also work very closely with brands, PR and marketing, creating humorous visuals that get messages across.

Recent clients include large consultancy firms and corporates such as a bank, large hotel chain, and various financial and legal firms.


And I hold private one-to-one sessions.


I also run cartoon workshops for the likes of Great Ormond Street, Teens Unite Fighting Cancer, and others…cartooning is a fantastically therapeutic way to release those creative and imaginative endorphins, leaving a sense of happiness and stress release.





6 weekly lessons, emailed directly to you/ your team.


You will receive the course emailed to an unlimited number of people within your company.


All of whom have access to me directly and can email me questions, requests for advice and tips, and can send me their doodles which I will comment on.


Just £89 per person.


To enrol, please email me

or call  (+44) 07495 618 390 (UK)





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