About Neil Kerber

Neil Kerber is one of the UK’s leading national newspaper cartoonists, who for over 20 years has been helping to bring a smile (and occasionally a loud belly laugh) to those who regularly read his doodles. His cartoon style has been described as warm, silly, cute, and extremely easy on the eye, …which is very important when getting a message across. Kerber’s main work includes creating daily topical cartoons for a well known national newspaper for many years, and the long-running & popular “Supermodels” strip in the prestigious satirical magazine Private Eye. Kerber’s cartoons have been published in several well known publications, including regular slots in the likes of GQ, Vogue.co.uk, and many other popular national newspapers and magazines.

Designs for Brands

Alongside his published works, Kerber is also being hired more and more in a corporate environment, by brands, PR, and marketing, to create cartoons that really get those key messages across. A picture speaks a thousand words! Cartoons are a fantastic way to say something important, …in a fun yet poignant, easy-to-understand way. Brands are using Kerber cartoons on their websites, social media, and in all kinds of promotional and marketing areas.

Interactive Live Events

Another growing corporate area for Kerber cartoons is drawing at live events, highlighting the key moments, topics, and recording everything important about the day. Not only do Kerber’s cartoons add something special and fun to the occasion, but the client is left with a selection of really fantastic cartoons that can then be used in various different ways to promote their brand or send out a message. During these events, Kerber chats and interacts really well with the attendees, creating something truly special for the organisers, clients, delegates speaking,…and everybody else in attendance. Anything from large corporate summits and conferences to small board meetings, brainstorms, team-building and training days. Kerber is being hired to doodle and create cartoon records of all the important points.

Cartoon Courses For Businesses, Adults And Kids!

Kerber also teaches the talent of cartooning. Through his popular online cartoon course he is spreading the skills of doodling, both for fun and therapeutic relaxation, and also for corporate team-building facilitators and trainers who want to add that special little string to their bow. It really is fun, and you actually don’t have to be good at drawing! It’s not just for Adults, Kerber provides a fun course for kids, a more enjoyable and creative experience for those looking to get away from the screens! Personalized cartoons are another major part of the Kerber portfolio. Whether it’s some really special to present to the retiring CEO of a major corporation, or a relative’s 50th birthday, bespoke commissioned cartoons make a truly unique, wonderfully fun present,…something that really does last for ever! And then of course Kerber just loves drawing cartoons, so there is a large and growing catalogue of silly generic works. Many of his original drawings and signed prints are purchased by collectors and fans, (some of them being very well known). Everything mentioned above can be found on the pages of this site, thank you for visiting. ..Oh and, you can read more about me if you’d like. Enjoy!
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